"Visitor" by Devin Sarno

The 4-part "Visitor" suite (recorded & mixed in February, July & August of 2018) has been released via Bandcamp and is comprised of found sound, keyboard, samplers and guitar.

"A hushed kind of reverence attaches itself to the whole of the work, one where every single gesture feels acutely thought through. Absolutely beautiful with its gentle grace charms, Devin Sarno goes for a lush, longing kind of approach with 'Visitor (Suite)'". --Beach Sloth


TRILL Sound Zine (Issue 2) by Devin Sarno

Issue 2 of the TRILL Sound Zine features: Jim McKay (Dinzu Artefacts), Clarice Jensen, Christina Vantzou, Doug Aitken, Carla Bozulich, Tim Biskup (FACE GUTS), Lee Noble, Yann Novak plus an essay from Henry Rollins on Saccharine Trust and an essay from Composer Will Thomas Long. The Saccharine Trust feature also includes 2 never-before-seen photographs of the band by Victor Sedillo! The issue is dedicated to the memory of Cecil Taylor and is limited to 100 copies (24 pages). 


"Face Guts Drones" Cassette by Devin Sarno

Duck Butter Music has released a limited edition cassette of recordings made in April 2017 at Artist Tim Biskup's Face Guts gallery in Glassell Park, CA. The cassette features: duo performance from Devin Sarno and Bobb Bruno, trio performance from Devin Sarno, Carla Bozulich and Elaine Carey and a solo performance from Angela Wilson/Teasips. Packaging includes original artwork from Tim Biskup, who also edited & mastered the release. Cassettes are available for purchase at Face Guts (open Sundays 12-6pm) or online at timbiskup.com ($10 + shipping).


TRILL Sound Zine (Issue 1) by Devin Sarno

March 2018 saw the launch of the premiere issue of TRILL, a new sound zine. Issue One featured interviews and essays from artists: Rogue Squares, Black Editions label, Noveller, Ang Wilson, Dead Light, Amulets, Patrick Shiroishi, Rich Jacobs & Jason Kahn. The issue was dedicated to the memory of Z'EV and was limited to 100 copies. (SOLD OUT).


"Perth" - collaboration with Ang Wilson by Devin Sarno

Composers Devin Sarno and Angela Wilson return with their second collaborative recording entitled "Perth." Recorded in Los Angeles and mixed in Carmel Valley, CA, (July-August 2017) the reflective composition is comprised of processed piano, flute and electronic disturbances.

Beach Sloth writes:

"Such beauty flows out of Devin Sarno & Ang Wilson’s graceful 'Perth'. Infused with a true sense of life, the song recalls the best of Stars of the Lid’s quieter, later works. Brilliantly executed, the duo manages to obtain a serene form of balance. Sarno & Wilson deliver a spellbinding piece of paradise..."

LONE ECHO "Peril" by Devin Sarno

"Peril" is the first new LONE ECHO music in 2 years. The piece is comprised of guitar, vocals, bass, keyboards + found sound. It can be streamed/downloaded on Bandcamp, Spotify or Apple Music.

Beach Sloth writes: "Ambient and shoegaze comes together on Lone Echo’s surreal “Peril”. Opting for such a gauzy style the way the song unfolds gives it a vibrant intimate hue."

"Fall" Cassette by Devin Sarno


"Fall" is the latest release from Devin Sarno. Available as a limited edition cassette (25 copies) and as digital download (thru Bandcamp). "Fall" consists of 2 tracks: "Running Embrace" and "Entanglement" which were recorded in July 2016 comprised of layered electronics, guitar and found sound.

Guide Me Little Tape writes: "The drones come in subtle shades and guitar tones shift ever so slightly all the while lulling you like a serpent, keeping your gaze - you're never quite sure if it will strike..."

Pound For Pound says: "'Fall' exists on the border, slipping between terms--composed/improvised, quiet/loud, monolithic/molecular, city/body, material/conceptual--is brilliant and exhilarating, Experimental music at its finest."

Absence of Wax Netlabel by Devin Sarno

From Jan 2011 to Dec 2014, Devin Sarno curated Absence of Wax: a net label focused on Ambient, Improvised & Experimental music. In that time, the site saw over 65 releases by Composers from around the globe: United States, Japan, Canada, Switzerland, Peru, France, Germany, Italy, Bahrain, Slovenia, Argentina, Spain, Russia and Ukraine.

(All of the music on “AoW” is available for free stream & download / non-commercial use).

Here is a brief article on Absence of Wax from the website Acts of Silence.