"Fall" Cassette by Devin Sarno


"Fall" is the latest release from Devin Sarno. Available as a limited edition cassette (25 copies) and as digital download (thru Bandcamp). "Fall" consists of 2 tracks: "Running Embrace" and "Entanglement" which were recorded in July 2016 comprised of layered electronics, guitar and found sound.

Guide Me Little Tape writes: "The drones come in subtle shades and guitar tones shift ever so slightly all the while lulling you like a serpent, keeping your gaze - you're never quite sure if it will strike..."

Pound For Pound says: "'Fall' exists on the border, slipping between terms--composed/improvised, quiet/loud, monolithic/molecular, city/body, material/conceptual--is brilliant and exhilarating, Experimental music at its finest."